Hey guys,

We have been working (slowly but surely) on a remake of Arrival in Hell, which debuted here on Newgrounds back in 2006.

I'm excited to announce our Kickstarter is now live, and we'd really appreciate if anyone who is interested could should their support by backing us.

We also have a Greenlight campaign running, so please vote for us to get it on Steam.


Steam Greenlight:



Hi Newgrounds,

Just wanted to let you all know that my online multiplayer games; 'The Newgrounds Card Game' and 'World War Flash' are both back online, hopefully for good now!

Make sure you grab some mates and go play them, for old time sake!

Newgrounds Card Game:

World War Flash:


Nom nom nom VR

2014-10-17 06:37:43 by Rustygames

After a long wait...

I likey the rift :)



Hey guys,

I've been tasked with updating the games on our arcade site, rustyarcade.com. I'm a bit rubbish at deciding which games are the best to show off, so I was hoping you guys could help by showing me your stuff so I can give it some front page space on the site. Should be good for a couple of thousand view / ad impressions if you have them.

I know the site is feeling a bit samey at the moment, without the achievement system it would just be "another" flash arcade. We plan to change this in the near future, but in the meantime there are still a lot of loyal rusty users hungry for some delicious games!

Post links to your games here and I'll check them out :)

The Room

2013-02-21 14:39:54 by Rustygames

I was recently very privileged to meet a living legend. I'll just leave this here...

The Room

The Newgrounds Card Game

2008-03-05 12:50:15 by Rustygames

Hey guys!

Just though I'd post and let you all know about The Newgrounds Card Game. It's taken about 2 months and was initially supposed to be a pilot project for a much better online game. It got quite large itself and now it's out, I'm pleased with the results.


I have a lot to fix still, but I'll be working out the bugs (which couldn't be tested without mass ammounts of people) in the next week or so.


The Newgrounds Card Game

Name 10 (or more if you like!) cards you would like to have in an NG card game.

Please try to be origional, not everyone can say "Tankmen" or "Pico"

... go!