The Room

2013-02-21 14:39:54 by Rustygames

I was recently very privileged to meet a living legend. I'll just leave this here...

The Room


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2013-02-21 15:56:18

What's Hermione doing there?

Rustygames responds:

That's my girlfriend, I've heard Ginny Weasley before but not Hermione :P


2013-02-21 20:06:58

Im jealous. where was this?

Rustygames responds:

This was in Piccadilly Circus on the last day of his "Love is blind" tour


2013-02-22 07:02:44

:O Did you get a spoon autographed?

Rustygames responds:

No but many were thrown at the screen. We did get a poster, bobble-head and DVD signed though :)


2013-02-22 20:56:15

waow that privilege!
I'm from Argentina and play this game
excites me XD
cant wait to see the movie: 3
that lucky dude!


2013-02-25 00:22:58

youre handsome. also i like that tommy never takes off his sunglasses. he didnt at comic con. and why is he always with mark?

Rustygames responds:

"Mark" was the Line Producer (apparently). The Velcro on my jacket's sleeve actually got attached to his jumper in this picture and when I pulled it off I took him with me. Embarrassing.

Also during the Q&A I simply asked "How is Doggy and has he been in any new films lately"... They replied with some bad news I'm afraid