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The Room

2/21/13 by Rustygames

I was recently very privileged to meet a living legend. I'll just leave this here...

The Room


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youre handsome. also i like that tommy never takes off his sunglasses. he didnt at comic con. and why is he always with mark?

2/25/13 Rustygames responds:

"Mark" was the Line Producer (apparently). The Velcro on my jacket's sleeve actually got attached to his jumper in this picture and when I pulled it off I took him with me. Embarrassing.

Also during the Q&A I simply asked "How is Doggy and has he been in any new films lately"... They replied with some bad news I'm afraid



waow that privilege!
I'm from Argentina and play this game
excites me XD
cant wait to see the movie: 3
that lucky dude!



:O Did you get a spoon autographed?

2/23/13 Rustygames responds:

No but many were thrown at the screen. We did get a poster, bobble-head and DVD signed though :)

Im jealous. where was this?

2/23/13 Rustygames responds:

This was in Piccadilly Circus on the last day of his "Love is blind" tour



What's Hermione doing there?

2/23/13 Rustygames responds:

That's my girlfriend, I've heard Ginny Weasley before but not Hermione :P